#LetsGetColour brings smiles to St Francis Primary students

Amashika Lorne lead a handing over activity for grade 4 students at St. Francis Primary School in Kingsotn Jamaica.

Seventy (70) students of St Francis Primary and Infant School in St Andrew were the beneficiaries of last month’s donation of activity packs courtesy of Amashika & Associates Limited’s #LetsGetColouring campaign. 

The campaign was officially launched by Amashika & Associates Limited in December 2020 to combat child stress and anxiety among Jamaican children aged six (6) to twelve (12) years old. The donation took place on Thursday February 2, 2021 and follows previous donations of activity packs to Solas Early Childhood Institution, Retrieve All-Age School and four state-run children’s homes – Reddies, Glenhope Nursery, Maxfield Park and The Nest.

Jamaican colouring books to be donated to needy communities and schools

“With regard to this pillar of the campaign, our goal is to provide 500 activity packs to children by May, which is celebrated as Child Month in Jamaica. We’re putting out the call for individuals and companies to come on board to allow our children to still feel celebrated and loved. I’m grateful that we met our quota for this month through the help of both an individual – a personal friend of mine now living overseas – and a local-based company, Dolla Financial Services Limited,” shared the children book’s author, Amashika Lorne.

St. Francis Primary Principal Maxine Douglas expressed, “when I got the call from Amashika that she would like to make us the beneficiary, it was an easy decision because of how it will complement the students’ regular schedule. I know that my grade four students will enjoy the content which explores various Jamaican proverbs and their meanings.”

Added Desiree Lopez-Fung, Business Development Manager of Dolla Financial Limited: “We’ve seen how the pandemic has been affecting our families from different angles but our resilient spirit as Jamaicans hold true. We were invited to come on board and gratefully accepted the charge to give back to our nation’s youth.” 

In the meantime, Lorne said that “We’re looking at another school in the Corporate Area to be our beneficiary for February. I remain grateful for every mickle that’s making a muckle and the support from persons on this journey thus far”. 

Source: https://jamaica.loopnews.com/content/letsgetcolour-brings-smiles-st-francis-primary-students

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