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Create With Anty Ama



Create with Aunty Ama is an online creative workshop teaching children between the ages of 6 -12 years old about Jamaican culture while fostering creative expression, developing fine motor skills, and relieving stress and anxiety. The workshops will be led by the conceptualizer, Amashika Lorne, also known as Aunty Ama, for a duration of 1 hour/ 60 minutes.

The lessons for this season will cover:
Evolution of the sound
2. Instruments of Reggae
3. The lyrics and message in the music and
4. Icons of Reggae music.

The tools that are needed to participate: the printed page accessible in The Jamaica Observer’s Learning Corner on Thursdays, pencil crayons, a device to connect to the internet on Zoom, and an internet connection.

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Sign Up To Be A part Of Our Sessions