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Chat Tu Mi & Colour

A 1st of its kind to pair aspects of Jamaican culture spanning: our national hero Marcus Garvey, a UNESCO designated heritage site, genres of music originating from Jamaica and other traditional Jamaican settings with the celebrated language advocacy of folklorist Louise Bennett-Coverley, in a palatable format suitable for both adults and children.

Perfect for children who want to learn about diversity or multiculturalism, love in the family, awesomeness of friendship and more. They also get to develop their gross and fine motor skills while colouring and relieve anxiety and stress because it’s a fun experience!

The 44-page colouring book will take you through a range of Jamaican proverbs that were once very popular among grandparents. It’s a testament to the power of storytelling, as we would all get together and start talking about our experiences of growing up to teach the younger generation something new.

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